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“Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, because he has come to his people and redeemed them. He has raised up a horn of salvation for us in the house of his servant David (as he said through his holy prophets of long ago), — Luke 1:68-70 (NIV)

New ESV Bibles

The Anglican Church in North America is in the process of developing a new text for common prayer. A quality paper edition of what has been described as the ‘bible arranged for worship’ should be published in 2019. Meanwhile all of the major liturgies are posted online and available for parishes, families and individuals to use now while the final edition is under review. The new prayer book is based on the use of the English Standard Bible; some say the best modern translation for use in public worship situations. The lectionary (list of bible readings for each Sunday) is based on the ESV. For this reason we have switched our pew bibles from the NIV to the ESV. The new bibles are slightly larger and the print is clearer and hopefully easier to read. Since we are ‘Church of the Word’ we like to have our people follow along in the printed word, or listen attentively to the spoken word. We want our adults and children to be able to find Jeremiah or Romans or Matthew and get used to looking up chapters and verses. Our old Bibles have been given to another Church who did not have any! Some sent to prison ministry and some to the DC City mission for distribution to the poor.

Here are some suggestions which will help you to make the best use of this resource.

  • If you are the lector for some Sunday, you can look up the readings ahead of time online at some people might like to print them out in larger print to make them easier to read. Make sure you choose ESV edition.
  • At the back of this pew bible is a section of responsive readings which we might use in worship.
  • If your children are with you practice finding book, chapter and verse with them. Help them follow along with their finger under each word. Encourage them to participate in the response after each reading. The word of the Lord – Thanks be to God!
  • Because they are larger and new, we should store them on the book case, after each Sunday’s worship, instead of being stacked with the chairs.
  • Don’t write in the bibles or fold the corners of pages. Don’t stuff objects like pens into the book.
  • If you want your own copy for home use we can sell you one for $10 and we will order a replacement when we need an extra case.
  • Do please use the Scripture Union bible reading notes available for free and pick up a the essential bible challenge cards describing 100 key bible stories. A great place to start in your reading.


Christmas Eve 7pm

Our Advent worship is at 10:30am each Sunday.

There will be an 8:15 service on 12/10 and 12/17 but not on 12/24

The 10:30am service on 12/24 is Advent 4 with baptism.

The special Christmas eve service is at 7pm. It includes the traditional 9 lessons and carols with candlelight communion.

This will be the last official service conducted by Pastor Robin and Donna Adams. There will be a celebration for them on 12/17 at 5pm. Should you miss that you can catch them on the 24th. We will be entertained by the NiteHawks swing band

December 10 is carol singing at a nearby nursing home. Practice after worship then visit then celebrate with Hot Chocolate.

Our main worship service with music is Sunday at 10:30am. The usual day for practice is Tuesday evening.

Kim Gilliam is our director of music ministry. You can learn about Kim at her website here

Contact Kim

We are also pleased to report that Doris and Sharon for The Braeded Chord are working with our youth to build a future generation of music.

About Braeded Chord

Contact them

How to find us


You can see our Church from the road but have to make a few turns to find us. When Lee Highway (Route 29) was widened we lost the front of our property and got a new street for entry. From Linton Hall road take Whitney, then right onto Old Linton Hall, left onto Charis Avenue, and right onto Logos. You will be able to park at the back of the building and walk around to the front door.

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