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Ministry leaders

Rev. Eric Hornbuckle – Pastor (interim) – pastor.eric@churchoftheword.net

Rev. Sally Hoover – Deacon sallyhoover@usa.net

Lauren Coleman – Children’s Ministry Pastor kids@churchoftheword.net

Karen Ramirez – Little Lambs Village Preschool director preschool@churchoftheword.net

Jenny Garcia – Parish administrator admin@churchoftheword.net

Bino Ramirez – Youth Pastor youth@churchoftheword.net

Kim Gilliam – Director of music music@churchoftheword.net (see her website – kimberlygilliam.org

Vestry (Board of Directors)
The role of the Vestry of Church of the Word is to work in partnership with the Rector in crafting and promoting our churches vision.   Specifically, this means:

  • to articulate a mission and map specific goals and strategies to achieve this
  • to mobilize both human and material resources
  • to motivate both ministry leaders and congregation members
  • to monitor the progress and insure accountability towards specific ministry goals, adjusting in response to both success and failure


Patty Bridgman (17); Vacant (17); Maurine McElroy (17)
David Clark (18); Mike Fleming (18); Leon Williams (18)
Ann Marie Lewin (19); Ryan Flohrs (19) George Forbes (19)
Treasurer Bob Miller (ex-officio)

Vestry Ministry Assignments

David Clark – Senior Warden
George Forbes – Junior Warden
Patty Bridgman – Administration
Ryan Flohrs – Worship
Maurine McElroy – Adult Ministries
Leon Williams – Outreach
Ann Marie Lewin – Family Ministry
Vacant – Teens & Twenties
Mike Fleming – Preschool