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Our vision To encounter and share Jesus Christ

Our Mission To encounter Jesus as the Word of Life through creative worship and loving community. To share Jesus through relational evangelism, lifestyle discipleship and hands-on service

To encounter Jesus as the Word of Life. Since we are called ‘Church of the Word’ we are gathered around the idea that Jesus is the very word of God meaning whatever God says to the world has been said in the person and work of Jesus Christ. As the word of God we mean that Jesus is indeed himself God and as such is the author of all life and the pioneer of our faith.

Creative worship. In all of life God takes the initiative and our worship is a response to His words and actions. In our worship we want to bring to God the very best of our life including the many creative skills he has blessed us with. Worship should be full of joy, content and meaning and expressed in creative ways.

Loving community. The Church is the body of Christ gathered around his word and sacraments. If he lives in us and works through us, then there ought to be a quality to our corporate life which expresses the fact that we are a Jesus community.

To share Jesus through…

Relational evangelism. By evangelism we mean to so present Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit that men, women and children can come to know him as savior and follow him as Lord within the fellowship of the Church. For us evangelism is about making friends first, one person at a time.

Lifestyle discipleship. All Christians are called upon to grow into the likeness of Jesus. This means learning to think and act as he would. Christianity is better caught that taught, so being encouraged to grow in your faith by a more experienced Christian is very important.

Hands-on service. We are called upon to love our neighbor and serve the poor in the name of Christ. As much as possible we want our members to be directly involved in serving the needs of the local community using their own resources and presence.