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But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children— with those who keep his covenant and remember to obey his precepts. — Psalm 103:17-18 (NIV)
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Pastor Robin Adams

Building bridges summer sermon series

This summer we are going to explore the mission of the church and indeed the calling of all Christians.

Our subject is building bridges to our neighbors and local community so that we may share the good news of Jesus with them.

The worldview and priorities of most people around us is quite different from that of an active Christian. In order to communicate to our neighbors we need to understand their world and build bridges into their lives. Fortunately there are great examples and principles in the scriptures for us to explore. While we do that study, we will also  doing some of the ground work in prayer, investigation, and planning to see how we can be effective in our mission. Our hope is to have a strategic plan ready for the fall. These are the June, July and August readings and dates for topic.

Building Bridges to our community.

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Youth Mission Trip July 16-21

Youth Group is booked for July 16-21 in Nashville, TN! Please pray for this upcoming trip, and each member. May God prepare their hearts & minds to serve those in need, and to give those going the time and energy to work in order to raise the money needed to go.  Bino reports about half the funds raised!

Donations may be sent to ‘Church of the Word’ and designated ‘Youth Mission trip’.

How they will Serve

As your team members enter into the lives of others and build relationships with the people of Nashville, they’ll experience God working through them at projects such as these:

  • Work with lower-income children through an organization that offers tutoring, summer camp, a basketball league, job skills training, and other recreational and cultural activities as a positive alternative to the streets.
  • Assist refugees through a ministry that engages churches, other organizations, and individuals to assist immigrants and refugees in the region.
  • Serve with a local summer school that works to increase literacy to keep kids off the streets and out of the prisons.
  • Help teach rising Kindergartners their basics like ABCs, colors, shapes and work with them on reading in a safe summer environment.
  • Spend time with individuals involved in a program that offers structured activities to older adults with cognitive or physical limitations.
  • Provide help to seniors that are unable to work on the inside and outside of their homes.
  • Package and deliver diapers to families through the Diaper Connection.

Our Partners

We have a Local Coordinator there who maintains connections with the organizations that we serve throughout the year so that our service and relationships are sustainable. She is a local resident and works in the community. She is a wonderful resource and you will see her pop in and out of your camp.

We also have another local partner who serves the community where our participants are staying. He is also a wonderful resource and will be around during your stay.

We will be volunteering with a number of agencies in the East Nashville area, including a local elementary school, a summer camp hosted at a local church, a couple of VBS programs, a big local food project, and many others!

Guest preacher June 18 and 25

Laura Boal Laura Boal 2017 Color wideangle

Three years after Laura sustained a traumatic brain injury, doctors said she needed to accept her severe limitations. “You don’t understand,” Laura replied. “I’m a Christian. I’m looking for the YES God has for me right now. His YES will override anything else I’m facing.”  She adds, “The worst disability I had to overcome wasn’t the result of a car accident. It was my not fully trusting in the love God has for his children.” She loves sharing what she has learned about the God of Hope—and the amazing story of how he healed her from all symptoms of the injury.

A Christian writer and speaker, Laura thought her time of service had ended in 2013 when she sustained a significant brain injury. But she says God had other plans. “I couldn’t do very much anymore,” she says, “but I found out that he still loved me. Learning to live in his love, not for what I do but for who I am, has been an amazing adventure. Then he healed me and suddenly all symptoms of my disability were gone!” Laura loves sharing what she has learned about hope, and about living in the Father’s love.

In 2013, Laura’s life changed dramatically when she sustained a significant brain injury. “Life was hard,” she says, “but that’s when I learned how to live in God’s peace and joy, in spite of the difficulties around me.” She loves sharing what she learned about living in the Father’s love—and how God dramatically healed her and removed all symptoms of the brain injury.

Laura is the sister of Sally Hoover our deacon.

She will preach and testify on June 18th and 25th.

Summer classes

Church of the Word is partnering with Musically Creative to offer various music classes in July and August.

Summer band, vocals, classic piano, summer strings, youth – teen – adult guitar, worship guitar.

Register: Through Musically Creative here

See their facebook page here

Makeup Lessons:  Makeup classes will be scheduled if an instructor needs to cancel a class and a substitute is not available.   If you or your child can’t make a lesson, there are not individual makeup lessons.

V.B.S. June 26-30

Welcome to Children’s Ministry at our Church! We are here to support families as you “train up your children in the way they should go”.
Lauren Coleman 
has been leading our Children’s ministry for 2 years. She has two small children and a background in Psychology and Education. Welcome Lauren

On Sundays, our 10:30 service has both Sunday School and nursery. Nursery is for ages 0-3 and parents may drop off children for the whole service or just for part of it. Quite a few parents enjoy letting their babies and toddlers experience worship at the beginning and communion at the end, but the choice is yours. Children in Pre-K through grade 5 leave service with their Sunday School teachers and return after the sermon and Peace. Currently, we are learning about the Gospels in our Discipleship, Jr. curriculum and the kids are having a blast as the learn Scripture. Don’t forget to join us after service so we can meet you and your kids!

Special Events

Plans for SonSurf VBS are in the works! Camp is June 26-30, 9am-12noon; but it can’t happen without trained and excited volunteers! All volunteers must be screened and trained by June 1 so that we can open up registration to families. Contact Lauren at here is the registration form for VBS.


Baby Bottle Drive is underway from May 14—June 18 (Mother’s day—Father’s day) Take a bottle and collect spare change. Bills and checks can also be placed in bottles. All money collected will benefit CareNet Pregnancy Resource in Manassas.

Protecting God’s Children  – We offer a training. This is a required course for all children and youth volunteers as well as all staff and vestry, and is a good resource for all parents too. This covers the prevention and awareness of child abuse and safe practices for our church. Refreshments provided.

Please contact Lauren,, if you have any questions about our ministry or events!

book-md-jesus-sbb2We recommend the Jesus Storybook Bible for kids

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