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Little Lambs Village Preschool

Church of the Word cares deeply about introducing children and their families to Jesus. One of our cherished ministries is the Little Lambs Village Preschool. Through the Preschool, we assist parents in providing a warm, caring, Christian environment that facilitates a developmentally appropriate teaching-learning experience to help children develop in all aspects: social-emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual. The Preschool follows the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) concept of developmental appropriateness which advocates two dimensions: 1) age appropriateness and 2) individual appropriateness. We use child development knowledge about a specific age group and understanding of the child as an individual in the classroom to plan an appropriate learning environment.

You can learn more about this amazing Preschool by visiting the Little Lambs Village Preschool website. You can also call our office and speak with our Director, Karen Ramirez, at ‭(703) 754-9673‬ or to find out how Little Lambs Village Preschool might just be the best choice you make for your child’s growth and development.