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DOMA synod
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Anglican News Local and International

This news page started at the time of the press launch of the Windsor Report, produced by the Lambeth Commission, which occurred on Monday, 18 October 2004. We started off primarily with commentary specifically on the Windsor Report, but quickly expanded to news from around the world relating to events in the Anglican Communion and the Episcopal Church USA. This page is updated frequently, so check back often to learn about the latest events.

We are now part of the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic within the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), and we are repeating these news items here for your edification and awareness. Most items in this list originally appeared elsewhere and may be found by browsing the Internet for similar items of interest.

Ongoing News and Commentary

College of Bishops Statement on the Ordination of Women (09/07/17)

Bishop Lawrence’s letter to the Diocese of South Carolina (08/05/17)

On lawsuits and losses: a Meditation from Psalm 37 (08/04/17)

Massive Conflict of Interest Taints South Carolina Ruling (08/03/17)

BREAKING – So. Carolina Decision Is Out (08/02/17)

Foley Beach Comments on the Truro Institute (04/25/17)

John Guernsey Comments on the Truro Institute (04/25/17)

Shannon Johnson Announces the Truro Institute (04/24/17)

Tory Baucum Announces the Truro Institute (04/24/17)

The Sixth Trumpet: Communiqué from the 6th Global South Conference, Cairo 2016 (10/07/16)

Statement from the Global South Primates and GAFCON Primates Council Concerning Same-sex Unions (10/06/16)

Where are we now? The aftermath of the January meeting of the Primates (08/04/16)

October 2017 Primates Meeting Scheduled (07/29/16)

Anglican Church of Canada votes to endorse same-sex ‘marriage’ (07/15/16)

At This Point, Why Should We Care About The Anglican Communion? (05/13/16)

Diocese of South Carolina Considers Affiliation with ACNA during 225th Convention (03/12/16)

African bishops to boycott meeting of Anglican council over Episcopal Church attendance (03/10/16)

What did the Chairman of the ACC say about the Primates decision and TEC? (03/04/16)

Curry looks to the ACC to respond to the Primates’ ruling (01/21/16)

Communiqué from the Primates’ Meeting 2016 (01/15/16)

Anglican Communion suspends the Episcopal Church after years of gay rights debates (01/14/16)

Statement by the GAFCON Chairman and General Secretary (01/14/16)

Statement from Primates 2016 (01/14/16)

A Letter from Archbishop Beach on the Upcoming Primates Gathering (01/08/16)

Episcopal Loses Accelerate (10/22/15)

Communiqué of the Global South Primates Cairo, Egypt, 14-16th October 2015 (10/16/15)

Global South Primates Rip the Episcopal Church on Gay Marriage (07/02/15)

Anglican Communion may be beyond repair says Welby (11/17/14)

Canterbury buries the instruments of unity (10/03/14)

2018 Lambeth Conference in Doubt but not Cancelled (09/30/14)

Lambeth Conference 2018 Cancelled (09/30/14)

How To Shrink Your Church In One Easy Step (08/21/14)

The Anglican Church in North America Elects New Archbishop (06/22/14)

New Growth as Anglicans Gather to Select Leader (06/19/14)

ACNA: The Function of the Archbishop (06/12/14)

ACNA: Who Will be the Next Archbishop? (06/12/14)


Please go to our News and Commentary Archive web page for the complete list of earlier news items.


Currently, 22 out of the 38 Provinces in the worldwide Anglican Communion consider themselves to be in either broken or impaired communion with the Episcopal Church in the United States of America (ECUSA). There are currently 38 Provinces and 6 Extra-Provincial areas under the Archbishop of Canterbury. This count of those who are out of communion with ECUSA has been reported by The Rev. Canon Dr. Bill Atwood of EKKLESIA and has been passed along to us by David Virtue of VirtueOnline.

You may wish to go to the VirtueOnline web site to see a provincial map of ECUSA showing the believed status of each diocese regarding the consecration of Gene Robinson as of September 2004 and the believed relationship of the dioceses to what was then the Anglican Communion Network. The dioceses that endorsed the network are shown as purple. It is offered to further the understanding of the politics of the situation in terms of their geographical distribution.

The Windsor Report is available on the following web sites:

The Anglican Communion Official Website – The Lambeth Commission on Communion

VirtueOnline – The Voice for Global Orthodox Anglicanism

Direct link to the Windsor Report and Commentary on the VirtueOnline web site:

This summary will highlight the chief recommendations of the report in a brief form.


You may also want to consult the following web sites for related comments and information:

The Anglican Church in North America

The American Anglican Council (AAC)

AAC News and Commentary

Anglican Communion News Service

Of particular importance, you will want to read:


Please check back for updates to this web page. We will continue to add additional web links and commentary over time.

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