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So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. — Hebrews 10:35-36 (NIV)

We support Diocese of Kondoa

Our Congregation supports Bishop Given and his wife Lillian who lead the new diocese of Kondoa in Northern Tanzania.

The Diocese of Kondoa is in north central Tanzania, south of Mount Kilimanjaro to highest mountain in Africa. Bishop Given Gaula fellowshipped at Church of the Word about 10 years ago while he studied in a local seminary. We supported Given and Lilian and heir 3 children while he pastored back in Tanzania, gained his PhD in New Zealand and now has been appointed Bishop in Kondoa. Dan and Francine Thomas have made several trips to Tanzania and recently Francine led a group for Word in August 2015. See video above.

Francine Thomas a former member of our church and a frequent visitor to Kondoa and Tanzania has just published, ‘The Road to Kondoa’ Available on Amazon. She writes

Is God truly a God of providence orchestrating people and events for his eternal purposes? Does the Creator of the Universe actually concern himself with the intimate details of our everyday existence? These questions are answered through the lives of four ordinary individuals born into the obscurity of a dusty and poverty-stricken part of the world long dominated by malevolent spirits. In the beginning they have some small familiarity of God’s dealings with mankind, but it is what they learn through the fires of unimaginable suffering that transforms them into humble giants of the faith who dare to impact their world for Christ. Why them, you might ask? Why would God choose such unlikely candidates to accomplish his purposes? Perhaps it is because he saw the longing in their hearts for someone to rescue them, someone to give them a hope and a future. Perhaps it is because he knew they would not count the heavy cost to carry the good news of Jesus Christ to those who had never heard his name. Chance encounters with strangers become divine appointments even as unlikely prophetic voices yield clues to the future. Even though God’s hand is often disguised through the words and actions of others, he nevertheless leads Given, Melina, Lilian and Vailet into a greater adventure than they could have envisioned for themselves.


September 2017 update African Bible Commentaries in Swahili have become available again. We are having 20 more copies shipped from Kenya to Kondoa Bible School. Cost $25 each. this is Through Langham Trust.

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